No confusing, complex, convoluted jargon here.

Focal Upright Furniture LLC (aka Focal) offers a limited lifetime warranty for almost all products, with a few key exceptions.
(For warranty newbies, this means that the product is covered for-ev-er, but specific parts may have shorter coverage periods.)

For the warranty to be valid, you must:

  1. Have your original proof of purchase (Your receipt or your purchase order work. Your steel-trap memory, unfortunately, does not.)
  2. Have purchased your product from Focal Upright or one of our trusted partners (Purchasing it from Chad on Ebay does not count).

Additionally, there are few cases in which the warranty does not apply:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Abuse, misuse, or accident
  • Damage due to improper installation
  • The substitution of any unauthorized non-Focal components for use in the place of Focal components
  • Damage caused by a carrier or due to transport
  • Any damage due to service, maintenance, modifications or tampering by anyone other than an authorized Focal representative


Warranty Information by Product


Mogo Seat-blk cushion, extended

1 Year Warranty

Mobis Seat-blk cushion, right 3-4 view

Limited Lifetime
5 Year Warranty: Seat Cushion, Piston

Locus Seat-blk, blk cushion, right 3-4 view

Limited Lifetime
5 Year Warranty: Seat Cushion, Piston, Wheels, Grip Tape
All Desks

Locus Sphere-blk, no seat

Limited Lifetime
1 Year Warranty: Desk Mat
5 Year Warranty: Lifting mechanism
10 Year Warranty: Desk Top
All Tables

Confluence-8_perspective_no mobis-black top

Limited Lifetime
5 Year Warranty: Lifting mechanism
10 Year Warranty: Table Top
Anti-Fatigue Mat


5 Year Warranty
Foot Rest

Foot Rest_perspective

5 Year Warranty
LED Light


5 Year Warranty
All Desk Shelves

Sphere Desk Fixed Shelf_black

Limited Lifetime
10 Year Warranty: Shelf Top
Cable Tray

Locus Desk Fixed Shelf, black

Lifetime Warranty
iMac Bracket

iMac Bracket

Lifetime Warranty
Desk Stabilizers


Lifetime Warranty
Note: For bundled products, please refer to the warranty information for the individual products.

Can We Fix It? Yes We Can.*

If your product fails under warranted ordinary use, we will make it right in one of 3 ways at our option:

  • Repairing the affected component or product at no charge
  • Replace the affected component or product at no charge
  • Refund the purchase price for the product (if replacement or repair isn’t a viable option)

Need to make a warranty claim? Contact us directly either by email at returns@focalupright.com or by phone, 888-266-1011, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm EST. Parts can be purchased directly from Focal Upright by calling 888-266-1011.

*We do, in fact, have a team member named Bob who happens to be a skilled builder.

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