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Usage Guidelines

Using Your Table

A standing height conference table should fit the people in the conference. If you belong to a tall group of fellows, the Confluence will rise to the occasion. And if you and your colleagues are on the shorter side, the Confluence has got you covered, too.

No matter your needs, the Confluence Table’s simple-adjust hand crank makes it easy for you to find that sweet spot so that your team can really rock your standing meeting.

Adjust Table Height

Tables Usage GuideArtboard 2
Spin the crank clockwise to raise your table height.
Spin the crank counter-clockwise to lower your table height.

Clean & Care Guide


Focal Upright products are designed to last, but a little TLC
will keep your product looking good and performing even better.

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All Your Questions Answered

Q: What is the center cutout?
A: The center cutout is a 17.5″ x 4.5″ opening fitted with an aluminum hatch that allows easy access for storing markers and erasers or can house a power strip for electronics. All Confluence tables come standard with a center cutout.
Q: How many people does it take to raise and lower the table top?
A: It only takes 1! That’s right, our easy to use hand cranks located at each end of the table only require 1 person to spin.
Q: Which seats will work with the table?
A: Sometimes meetings take more than a few minutes and standing can get a bit tiring. Focal offers 3 seating solutions for our standing height tables. The Mogo, Mobis, or Pivot all work great around a Confluence table.

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