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Usage Guidelines

Using Your Mogo Seat

If you’ve ever waited in a long line, stood for an entire kids’ soccer game, or tried to use a standing desk for 8 hours without taking a break, you know just how a Mogo could be useful.

Nicknamed the “human kickstand,” the Mogo is like a third limb that lets you rest your legs, support your back, but keep your tush off the ground or office chair. As our travel seat, the Mogo is unique in that it can be used anywhere.

We’ve seen it all – spectating sailing races, backpacking through Europe, as an office yoga accessory. Where will your Mogo take you?

With some quick and easy setup, you’ll be ready to lean into your next adventure.

Ready to get started?

1. Screw the Seat onto the PostLine up the inner screw on the underside of the seat cushion with the hole inside the seat post. Screw the post on clockwise until just snug.

2. Extend the Seat PostPush in the two brass buttons and pull the seat post out until the buttons click into place.

3. Adjust the HeightPush in the red button to release the height-adjustment lever. Pull the seat post out to the desired height notch. Make sure the red button clicks to signify sturdy assembly.

Turf Mode or Floor Mode?

The foot at the base of your Mogo seat is built for all types of surfaces. Use the floor mode for indoor or smooth surfaces, like wood, carpet, or concrete. Turn to turf mode when you’re outside on grass, dirt, or sand for extra grip.

Mogo Turf Stripe-Floor Mode

Posture: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly



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All Your Questions Answered

Q: How do I know if my seat height is right for me?
A: The Mogo Seat is nicknamed “The Human Kickstand” for a reason: it should feel like a “propping point” for your body to rest. Give yourself enough height to achieve a stable backward lean into the seat pan; its shape should comfortably meet the contours of your body. The bottom edge of the seat pan should meet the top of your thighs, and you should aim to create either an isosceles or equilateral triangle between your feet, your seat, and the base of the Mogo. And remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach for any Focal seat or desk. Don’t feel like you’ve got it quite right? Keep altering the length to determine what works best for you!
Q: My butt hurts, what can I do about it?
A: The Mogo is intended to provide comfort for no more than two straight hours. Results may vary when the seat is used in lieu of a traditional 9 to 5 office chair, as it’s designed to keep you upright on the go. If you’re uncomfortable, move more! But if you find the Mogo does not meet your needs, please check out our other seating options for a more comfortable long-term lean.
Q: It’s been 2 weeks, why am I still uncomfortable?
A: You might not be moving enough. Remember: our seats are made to make you move. Let your discomfort inspire you to take a walk, stand for awhile, or change the angle of your lean to shift more of your weight to the seat, or to your feet – whichever might help you feel more comfortable!
Q: Am I too short? Am I too tall?
A: To achieve a comfortable fit, the ideal Mogo Leaner is less than 6’1″ – although depending on your proportions, this may or may not ring true for you. Take advantage of our 30-Day Risk Free Trial, or find a showroom in your area and try a Mogo on for size!

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