The Locus Workstation

Designed for the digital age.

Rock your day job! It’s time your office desk adapted to you. The Locus Workstation is an ergonomic standing desk that is both height and incline adjustable. Used with the Locus Seat, you’ll enjoy all the health advantages of a standing desk, while your body settles into a comfortable leaning position that effortlessly supports your body. It’s a workstation designed to respond to how you work in the digital age. Dimensions: L 30″ x W 48″ H 36 – 48″.

Locus Desk adjustment video.

Shown at right: Locus Seat without Grip Tape or Anti-Fatigue Mat.

The Locus Standing Desk and Seat
The Locus Sphere Standing Workstation

The Locus Sphere

The ultimate in desktop space and function, the Locus Sphere was designed with all the features of the Locus Workstation plus a 40% larger work surface. Designed with your workflow in mind, the curve of the expansive desktop keeps all your work needs in view and in reach. Used on its own it is the perfect standing desk. Used with the iconic Locus Seat, you’ll enjoy the option to stand or lean in comfort as you work. This sleek, streamlined design looks and performs beautifully in any setting.

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An ErgoExpo Winner

Experience a shift in focus.

Experience a position that is neither sitting nor standing. Your body instinctively eases into a natural, neutral position. Your focus shifts to what’s important. Your productivity flows. Learn more about the seat >>

Two views of the Locus Standing Seat, Drafting Seat

Custom Options

Available with an optional LED task light,  fixed upper shelf, iMac bracket, cable management tray and anti-fatigue mat. Shop now and configure the Locus Workstation to match your work style.

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The Locus Standing Desk or Drafting Table with Stay Flat Monitor Shelf