How to Run a Scrum Meeting (A Step-By-Step Guide for Non-Developers)

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Want to make your team... More productive? More efficient? More accountable to one another? Then try a stand-up scrum meeting. First things first, let’s answer the essential question - what is a scrum meeting? A scrum meeting is a quick daily huddle designed to drive effective communication and collaboration for teams. Many software developers use stand-up scrum meetings to optimize their productivity when working together on projects. But, great news - you don’t have to be a developer to take advantage of this energizing project management strategy! We’ve put together an easy guide for leading your first stand-up scrum meeting. Before the Meeting 1. … [Read more...]

Infographic: Should we be meeting?

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  We have a serious meeting problem. We spend too much time in meetings.  In fact, according to research performed by Atlassian, the average US employee attends a staggering 62 meetings per month and half of that time is considered wasted. Before you schedule that next meeting, take a second to think “do we really need to meet? Or can we solve this problem in a more time-efficient way?"  We’ve created this handy flowchart to help make your decision easier!   … [Read more...]

3 Words That Will Change Your Meetings


Looking to make your meetings more collaborative, more productive, and more time-efficient?  Make it happen with three little words- “how might we.” Seriously. Why?  Because this simple, yet powerful phrase works to 1. keep your team focused on the right and 2. open your team’s mind to creative solutions. Typically, teams approach a problem by asking questions such as “how should we” or “how can we.”  According to Min Basadur, a business consultant, this seemingly small word choice has serious consequences for the collaboration process. Basadur states, “as soon as you start using words like can and should, you’re implying judgment: Can we really do it? And … [Read more...]

Jesse Levin Wants to Radically Reactivate Your Workspace


Here at Focal, we are always inspired by other active-ists who share our vision for an energized working environment.  That’s why we were so keen to chat with Jesse Levin- a creator of radically active office spaces. Jesse designed and founded Active Collaborative Workspaces (ACW), a company centered on the idea that “physicality stimulates innovation and creativity and within them the lines between work, life and play are blurred.” You may have heard the buzz about his ACWs in the Somerville and Chicago locations of Brooklyn Boulders- the hybrid climbing gym/coworking space that challenges users to be active in both their work and their play. “There’s no real … [Read more...]

5 Steps for Using Design Thinking in your Next Brainstorm Session


Brainstorming can be an energizing way to think up inspired ideas, or it can be a tired task that results in little more than frustration. Looking to make it the former? Take a page out of the design thinking playbook. Design thinking is a method of problem solving that draws elements from the design world.  Concepts like iteration and prototyping are used to create truly innovative solutions. The most notable practitioners of design thinking include international design agency Ideo and the at Stanford. We’ve compiled a few of their most helpful tips for running an empowering and efficient brainstorming session.   1. Start the session with a “How … [Read more...]

The Economics of Ergonomics: Martin Keen on Bloomberg TV

Want to learn how ergonomics can impact your company's bottom line? Check out this video of Focal founder Martin Keen on Bloomberg TV. … [Read more...]

Infographic: Which Conference Table is Right for You?

Confluence Which Table Infographic-01

With our recent launch of the Confluence 8, we've been thinking a lot about how the right conference table can make a meeting. Thinking about upgrading your meeting space? Use our infographic to figure out which Confluence table is right for your team! … [Read more...]