5 Tips for Being More Mindful in the Office

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One common trend that forward-thinking companies are embracing is a transition from “workplace wellness” to “workplace well-being” mindset. What’s the difference? Glad you asked. Workplace well-being is a holistic approach that sees wellness not just as healthy gimmicks or gym memberships, but as a full incorporation of wellness into all aspects of the company. One way you can incorporate wellness into your daily office routine is to practice mindfulness. Becoming more aware of yourself will not only make you a more efficient employee, it will also boost your overall health. Try these 5 tips for becoming more mindful in the office: 1. Escape your email When … [Read more...]

Standing Desk Yoga: Try this 5 Minute Arm & Shoulder Yoga Routine!

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Working at a standing desk has many science-backed benefits; boosted energy, improved productivity, reduced back pain to name a few. But sometimes the stress of the office can still leave you feeling overwhelmed and overtired. Incorporating yoga into your workday is a great way to relieve tension in your body and boost your mood. We’ve paired up with the talented team at Unfold Yoga + Wellness to create a two-part yoga series that will show you a quick and easy yoga routine that you can do right at your standing desk (no yoga pants required). This week, follow this 5-minute yoga routine to release tension in your neck and shoulders. Want to learn more about … [Read more...]

7 Things Every Collaboration Space Needs

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The nature of collaboration is undergoing a broad shift from the lengthy formal meetings of the past to the quick, informal meetings of the future. With concepts like scrum gaining popularity, it's important to broaden your concept of collaboration spaces. These spaces could be anywhere, including, game rooms, cafes, lounges - even the office kitchen! Wherever your team collaborates best, it's important that it has the following items: … [Read more...]

3 Tips to Optimize Your Office’s Ergonomics

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Josh Kerst, Focal’s chief ergonomist, has dedicated 30 years to helping people create healthier, more active work spaces. In that time, he’s learned a thing or two about ergonomic best practices in the offices. Below, check out Josh’s 3 tips for ergonomically upgrading your office. 1. You’ve Got to Move it The human body was meant to move. Intentionally changing up your posture throughout the day helps support blood flow, relieve pressure on spinal disks, and transfer localized static joint loads, just as your body is intended to do. Postural transitions, as these movements are referred to by ergonomists, can include big motions like moving between sitting to … [Read more...]

Future of the Workplace: IdeaPaint’s 3 Tips for More Collaborative Workspaces


In June, Focal paired with molo, Idea Paint, and Unfold Yoga + Wellness to imagine the future of the workplace at our first-ever Upright Concept Shop. Now we’re putting the spotlight on our partners and other brands that we believe embody the future of the upright workplace. Traditionally, collaboration at a company has been a protracted process requiring: Scheduling a meeting and inviting many participants Gathering around a large, often formal conference room Listening to one person disseminate information Adjourning the meeting and getting back to work Not surprisingly, these formal meeting sessions do not inspire the kind of energized collaboration … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Improve Your Open Office Today

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Odds are that you work, or have worked in an open office. According to the International Facility Management Association, 70% of US offices have no or few partitions. This shift towards open offices has encouraged more spontaneous collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas between teams. But open offices come with drawbacks, too - lack of privacy, more distractions, less autonomy over working environment. Now many offices are shifting towards becoming hybrids of public and private working spaces. Want to improve your open office, but not quite ready to commit to a fully hybrid redesign? We’ve put together three quick changes that you can implement (at almost no … [Read more...]

How to Solve the Problems of the Open Office

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In recent years, there has been a radical movement toward open office design. Cubicles have been torn down and replaced with large, open work areas. But these open offices bring both positives and negatives; on the one hand, teams have more opportunity for spontaneous collaboration. On the other hand, offices are noisier and don’t provide enough private spaces for quiet working. What can companies do to address the issues created by open offices? Embrace the trend for hybrid offices. Hybrid working environments offer employees a mix of enclosed and open work spaces that are available for employees on an as-needed basis. In hybrid offices, employees are empowered … [Read more...]