7 Tips for a More Active Workday (from the Focal team)


Here at Focal Upright, office activity is important to us.  It’s our mission to help you be active and healthy throughout the workday. We also like to practice what we preach. This week we put together some of our best tips for staying active. From the CFO to the Project Engineer to the Sales Team, Focal is dedicated to the active office. Try these tips and learn a little more about the team behind the Upright Revolution.   1. Stretch, stretch, stretch. “I try to do quick stretches throughout the day to keep the blood flowing and stay loose. Stretching is one of those things where a little effort every day can have a huge effect.” -- Jack Riker, … [Read more...]

Great Examples of Active Offices

Clif Bar Office

An internal walking path, a Tour de France simulation spin studio, or getting paid time to work out? All in a day’s work for employees at Clif Bar, Hasbro, and Nike. These companies have made an effort to encourage workplace wellness by making it as easy and accessible as possible.   CLIF BAR Image from well+Good Healthy living is baked in (literally and metaphorically) to the company culture at Clif Bar. According to Well+Good, the protein bar company’s Bay Area headquarters includes a 40-foot climbing wall that employees can scale during the workday. Beyond that, employees get 2.5 paid hours of workout time each week. They can also work out with a … [Read more...]

Infographic: Your Workday Energized

Active Workday Infographic-02

Want to make your workday more active, but don't know where to start? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Use this infographic below as your guide and get moving! … [Read more...]

3 Science-Backed Benefits of Midday Workouts


Need to convince your boss that a midday workout makes sense? Share these science-backed benefits and you will be headed to that lunchtime spin class in no time.   1. Boosts brain functioning Feeling foggy or lost during that 11:00 meeting? Crossfit or a hard cardio workout could be the answer. One study found a 5-10% improvement in cognitive function among those who exercised during the day. Ramp up the intensity with a lunchtime weightlifting or cardio dance class.   2. Encourages you to think outside the box A recent study determined that a midday workout has an immediate and positive effect on your creative functioning. Moderate cardio … [Read more...]

3 Easy Ways to Add Movement to Your Workday


  No budget for elaborate wellness campaigns or company-wide gym incentives? No problem. All it takes to be more active are a few tweaks to your workday! Try these three easy, inexpensive ways to add movement and you’ll be well on your way to combatting sitting disease and related health issues.   1.Walk and Talk Instead of taking your phone calls from your office, use calls as an opportunity to get up and get moving. Not only will this up your steps count for the day, but it will also encourage you to give your full attention to the caller, because you will physically separate yourself from the distractions of your desk.   2. Water, … [Read more...]

5 Steps to Running an Effective Walking Meeting


Looking to bring some energy to your next meeting? Then get outside and get walking. Holding walking meetings outside promotes a casual and informative flow of ideas, while simultaneously helping to recharge employees with a bit of Vitamin D. Try these 5 steps and you'll be stepping into a successful meeting in no time.   1. Invite the right team Walking meetings are most effective with 2-3 participants. This smaller size allows meeting-goers to exchange ideas easily while on the move. A larger crowd makes it more difficult to communicate while walking.   2. Set expectations Be sure that when you create the meeting invitation, you let people know … [Read more...]

Free E-Book: The Complete Guide To The Active Office

Active Office-05

The research is in: sitting really is the new smoking. We spend, on average, 9.3 hours sitting every day and it is taking a toll on our mental and physical well-being. Predictably, the office is the primary site of all this harmful sedentary behavior. But it doesn’t have to be this way. By making deliberate changes to your workspace and your work style, you can create an active office environment that boosts your energy and supports your health. Download our free E-Guide “The Complete Guide to the Active Office” to learn how to make it happen. … [Read more...]