Focal Standing Seat

The perfect balance between sitting and standing

You don’t sit on a Locus Seat. You lean into it. When you do, your body is supported in a relaxed upright position. This award-winning ergonomic seat is designed to adjust to every move you make, while maintaining equilibrium between your back and abdominal muscles.

The result? As you work your body is effortlessly active. Your circulation increases. Your major muscles are relaxed yet engaged, significantly reducing the risk of “sitting disease” or the fatigue brought on by standing. It’s the perfect balance between sitting and standing.

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Citrus Standing or Leaning Seat

The Locus Seat supports your spine’s natural alignment

When you sit in a traditional office chair, your legs are at a 90º angle to your back and your spine slumps into an unhealthy “C” curve. Locus’ upright position takes stress off the lungs and other internal organs, allowing for deeper breathing and healthier functioning. Your head balances in a neutral position, reducing tension in your neck and shoulders. Because you are relaxed in a supported leaning posture, the open hip angle keeps major leg muscles lengthened, reducing pull and strain on the lower back. Your legs work with the seat to form a stable yet active pyramid of support. This reduces leg discomfort and swelling that occurs when sitting in a traditional office chair or standing all day. Full features and benefits >

One size supports all

The pivoting seat post moves both forward and side-to-side, encouraging constant micromovements. This results in greater blood and oxygen flow and reduced tension in the neck, shoulders and back. The angle-adjustable seat pan tilts up to 15 degrees, rotating the pelvis forward. The resulting open hip position releases tension on spinal disks and lumbar muscles. The seat accommodates heights from 4’11” to 6’8″.

The Locus Seat can be used with any standing desk

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Choose a color to reflect your style

Seats are available in Citrus, Chili Pepper, Black and Black Nubuck.

Locus Seat Color Options

Then choose your seat base

The seat base is available in Glacier White or Matte Black Laminate. Mix or match your base color to your current standing desk or drafting table, or pair it with the Locus Desk. There’s ample room on the base to stand so you can cycle between standing and leaning whenever you want.

“It’s a unique way to work without sitting, and yet getting the benefit of a stand up desk without having to stand all day.
It’s the best of both worlds.”
Mark Sisson of

Standing Seat Bases in White (Glacier) and Black
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