• Sphere Standing Desk
  • Mobis Leaning Stool
  • Locus Stand or Lean Seat
  • Mogo Portable Seat
  • Focal Standing Desk
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Workers of the World Upright!


Watch this quick video to see why you need to revolutionize your workspace and how Focal Upright can make that happen!

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I am the founder of TOMS shoes and had no idea that Martin Keen was the founder of KEEN shoes and Focal Upright Furniture when I ordered a desk for my home office. I just put it together this week and am loving it. Well done and thank you for designing such amazing products. Blake Mycoskie

Best of Both Worlds!

The Focal Workstation is a wonderful and unique way of working without sitting, and yet getting the benefit of a stand up desk without having to stand all day. It’s the best of both worlds! Mark Sisson, MarksDailyApple.com


This is the second chair that I’ve ordered. I absolutely love them! Since I started using the Locus chair in early January 2013, I’ve noticed that I have more energy and “feel better” at the end of a 12 hour shift. I feel like an “early adopter” who has caught on to something that will be really big and important to our working society. Luis Centenera, MD

Amazed and Thrilled

I have been amazed and thrilled at the difference my Focal Upright Workstation makes for me. I don’t develop back pain and can work considerably longer without any problems. It makes sense ergonomically, is easily adjustable in many positions and for different body sizes, and is extremely sturdy. Never again will I sit uncomfortably at a desk working on my computer. Many thanks for a great product. Kevin Soden, MD, MPH

Love It!

Personally I love it! It really does alleviate the pressure from your spine. It is so comfortable that I actually enjoy to do paperwork now because I enjoy sitting there so much. Dr. Ellen McNally

Flat Out Amazing

Two wonderful boxes showed up yesterday. In less than 30 minutes I had both the desk and chair put together. Simply stated this is the best thing since the invention of the hot tub. I believe this is literally going to change the way we work. In addition, it looks flat out amazing in my office. Dr. Gary Gray