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Our website is dedicated to our company that deals with finding the best furniture not just for your home, but also for your office!


We are here to help you furnish your home or your office equally successfully and get the best results. We make sure our customers are satisfied with the results, and we are always there to help you make the right choice.








What Kind Of Furniture Do We offer?


We make sure you are offered with the sort of furniture that you think will work the best for your business or your home. and keeping your health at check. 


This means we personalize the offer that is presented to you, so you make the final call. So we are here for your every need and requirements.


Also, we make sure to make our suggestions and give you a few ideas of what the area will look like with it is finished.


We are also prepared to help you with finding the details that will give that special touch to your business offices or your home.



It is difficult for many of our customers to envision the result, and we make sure that you are well aware of what it will look like and therefore help you,


We take special care of the little details that make everything so much different. and also reduce the stress that you must be feeling.


Why Choose Our Company For Your Furniture Business

Our furniture business will make your business and your home life a lot easier. If you want to find out more about our company, make sure you do, but before you choose our company here is what you need to know and why you need to choose our services.

We Make Dreams Come True

Whether you have a large or a small budget, we will make your dreams come true. We specialize in making the impossible happen, so put your trust in us!

We Will Make Your Business Blossom

If you want to leave a professional impact on your co-workers, employees, and customers, trust us with your business furnishing.

Homes Are Homey With Us

We also make sure to make your homes a haven for you and your family.


Testimonials From Our Customers

” I had to say that when I found about your company, I had my doubts, but you have soon made it clear that you can furnish both my office and my home! I am more than satisfied with the results. “

– Sarah Jefferson, Interior Designer



Renting Furniture For Your First Apartment

Renting Furniture For Your First Apartment

So you’ve move into your very first apartment, now what? You would think the next step is to buy furniture and start decorating your space, and most people will head straightaway to the local furniture store. Yet there is another option to consider, which is renting furniture. Yes, you can rent furniture. Just pick out what you like and need, pay for the monthly furniture bill, and you’re all set. But is it really worth the money? Wouldn’t the cost of renting furniture be more than buying new pieces?

Here are the pros and cons:

move your furniture

PRO: You don’t have to move your furniture. This is especially great for students and short-term buyers who will eventually move from one place to another in a year or less.

PRO: You don’t have to spend too much money on furniture. A quality sofa can cost you up to $1,800 in IKEA, whereas if you rent a furniture, the rental rates can range from $300 a month to $106 a year, depending on the package. If you are living with roommates you can split the bill and save money. Founder and CEO of furniture rental service Feather, Jay Reno believes that it’s no longer about owning a dream house. “Today, people aspire to have freedom and flexibility,” he said. His company allows his customers, usually millennials, to hire furniture that would usually be out of their price range. For students, and those in short-term contracts, this allows them to furnish their apartment with pieces ranging from a “plush velvet sofa to a geometric coffee table”.

PRO: You’re making a greener choice. When you buy a piece of furniture, you pay for its manufacturing and shipping, which means you contribute to the world’s overall carbon footprint, not to mention the loss of resources. This also goes double when you move and decide to leave the furniture behind and buy a new piece for your new location.

rent a centerCON: Some stores charge a few miscellaneous fees. You may be charged for insurance and any damages that the furniture incurs while it’s in your possession. High-interest rates might also dissuade you from choosing rental furniture over brand new ones. If you have a poor credit score, it might increase interest rates. Late payments can also affect your credit history. All in all, as long as you’re disciplined and diligent when it comes to paying your monthly furniture rentals and looking after them, you don’t need to worry about extra fees and charges.

Outside of finances, the next most important factor to consider is time, as it all really depends on how long you’re going to stay in your new home. If your renting an unfurnished apartment for a short period of time, say a year or two, it could be a good money saving option, compared to buying new furniture and then facing the prospect of having to move it to a new place in the near future. If you have bought a property and are only planning on staying in it for a short duration before you sell, then renting furniture is an option to consider. However, when it comes to buying a property, James McGrath in his buy versus rent article on Yoreevo states that five years is the minimum to give it the best chance to increase in value and generate a future profit. For long-term residence like that, purchasing, rather than renting furniture would be the best option as it could also increase the value of the property when you come to sell it.

With furniture now available for rent at the click of button, homeowners have more choices than ever with how to furnish their home. It is just a case of working out which is best for them.

How to Keep a Clean House While Working Full Time

How to Keep a Clean House While Working Full Time

Working full time and maintaining a clean household can be a struggle. Whether you’re a student or a parent that spends over 40 hours of the week outside their home, trying to keep a clean home can be a hassle.

If you prepare your week right, you can avoid having to deal with the drama that comes with a messy home. Keep reading for all the information you’ll need to equip yourself to have a consistently clean household.

Tips on How to Keep a Clean House While Working Full Time

First off, keeping a clean house is not a habit that can be obtained overnight. You have to incorporate chores into your daily life gradually, or you’ll never truly have a clean household consistently. Once you successfully do this, you’ll be on track to having the cleanest home possible.

In fact, when you have guests randomly come over, you won’t have to worry about your place being presentable because you’ll have already cleaned your home.

We have found that sticking to certain rules during the week makes cleaning your apartment or home a breeze. Below we will be breaking down cleaning tasks you could implement into your daily schedule that will ensure your home always stays in a constant state of cleanliness.

schedule clean houseSetting up a Schedule

An effective way to stick to a cleaning schedule would be to specify all the chores on a calendar which you place on your fridge. If you have kids at home, you could separate the tasks on the calendar as well.

You’ll have two sets of chores, one that’s completed weekly and another that is completed daily. Weekly cleaning tasks tend to be much more intensive, but they ensure that your home is not just tidy, but clean.

Weekly Cleaning Schedule

We tried various weekly cleaning methods and figured out that by reserving one main chore a day significantly decreases the overall work you have to do in the long run.

Day of the Week Chore
Monday Vacuum
Tuesday Wash all the Hardwood Floors
Wednesday Clean Bathroom
Thursday Do Laundry


You don’t have to stick to this specific schedule, but you can see how setting goals for yourself can help you achieve a clean household. People who work full time will find it useful to split the weekly chores with breaks in between.

This means you don’t have to perform all the recommended chores listed above consecutively, but you still have to make sure you do them. To be as efficient as possible, spending 15 minutes doing weekly chores should be sufficient enough time. If you can’t seem to hit that mark, you’ll get there in no time.

In fact, those who have weekends off like to perform some of the more exhausting chores such as washing the floors on a Saturday or Sunday. If you consider cleaning to be a therapeutic part of your day, then reserving it for the weekend would be a great idea.

Cleaning doesn’t just stop at weekly chores. It takes 21 days for something to become a habit, so after you complete 21 consecutive days of daily cleaning tasks, you can officially declare yourself a cleaning master.

Daily Schedule

Don’t put yourself down if you can’t keep up with performing every single cleaning task we recommend you do daily. You can begin with something as simple as making your bed right after you wake up in the morning.

List of Daily Cleaning Habits

  • Make use of biodegradable wipes to clean down kitchen sink and bathroom
  • Wash your dishes immediately or place them in the dishwasher
  • Before you go to bed, tidy up your room
  • When you enter your home, place your coat and shoes in their designated areas
  • Avoid wearing shoes at home
  • Take advantage of essential oils

The easiest way to become a master in cleaning daily is to always clean on the go. Whenever you see something out of place, and you have a moment to spare, take that time to address the problem.

For instance, you don’t want to let you trash pile up when you’re already going out and passing by the trash can.

Other Cleaning Tips

 – Monthly Chores

There are some chores you should limit yourself to completing monthly. Your fridge and stove don’t require much attention, so dedicating one day of the month to deal with cleaning it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

cleaning your fridge

At first, you’ll find that cleaning your stove and fridge will consume some of your time, but it’ll be worth it. This is because the next month you try to clean it, you’ll do so in a fraction of the time.

Those who don’t make a lot of messes, to begin with, you don’t want to go overboard with the cleaning. The last thing you want is for cleaning to feel like your second job.

If cleaning your home while working full time is too much for you to take on, then you should consider hiring help from a third party.

– Hire a House Cleaner

For some people, having a house cleaner come in once a week or twice a month lifts a lot of pressure from their shoulders. A house cleaner has the skill set to make your home sparkle in under a couple of hours. Your house cleaner can easily clean those corners that you can’t seem to.

As technology has taken over every facet of our lives, it has also infiltrated the cleaning market. Since having access to a house cleaner is now simply a click away, you don’t have to be considered wealthy to take advantage of hiring a maid.

a house cleaner service

Through the cleaning service, you can book a trusted house cleaner to come to your house whenever you please. In fact, you can hire a simplymaid in Perth anytime you please, and you can rest assured that these are five-star cleaners.

Whether you have a big home or a tiny studio, simply maid can be of assistance. A trained cleaning team of two people will show up with all the necessary supplies and tools they would need to guarantee a sparkling clean household.

With the helping hand of a simply maid house cleaner, you can ditch having to complete those weekly chores and instead spot clean and rely on your cleaner for the rest.

– Spot Cleaning is a Must

Whenever you see a portion of your house that could use a quick cleaning, you should take the time to address it. You won’t be sorry because it always keeps a certain area tidy and you don’t have to fret about dragging in dirt from one part of the house to another.

If you have kids at home, try to instill this as a rule because it’ll make your life at home a lot easier as well.

Final Thoughts

You can now have the best of both worlds, an impeccably clean house as well as working full time. Who says you can’t have everything you want in life?

Hopefully, the tips we gave you above have inspired you to start switching your household from being a messy one to a clean one.

How to Distress Furniture: A Quick Guide

How to Distress Furniture: A Quick Guide

There are a myriad of ways to distress your furniture. And in this guide, we’re here to give you some tips on how to do so.

So let’s get started!

How Many Distressed Pieces of Furniture Should Be in a Room?

There isn’t a set answer to this question. But, as a rule of thumb, every piece in the room doesn’t have to be distressed. At the same time, having one piece of distressed furniture will not give you the vintage appeal that you’re looking for.

If you do have more than one piece of distressed furniture in your room, make sure that they are not equally distressed. Just use common sense. If one piece is highly distressed, then the other piece should only have small indications of wear.

Look For a Quality Piece of Furniture

This is self-explanatory. In order to make the best painting results, you’re going to have to use the right piece of furniture to do so. As a rule of thumb, only look for solid wood furniture, whether its a chair, dresser, or an end table.

One of the best places to look for furniture is the thrift stores. In addition, you can look for them in estate sales and auctions. Who knows? You might find a nice piece of furniture that needs minimal cleaning up on your end.

Remember, you want to take your time when looking for furniture. Don’t impulsively buy a piece of furniture just to buy it. Know that this piece of furniture is something that you’ll use for your home.

Analyze the Furniture Piece

Once you’ve obtained your furniture piece, take a few days looking at it. Decide if you want to paint the finish or work with it to create the distressed effect.

Stained furniture has a patina that reflects the wood grain. Almost every experienced collectors or decorators of antiques will warn you never to destroy the patina by paint stripping the furniture.

As we’ve stated earlier, decide if you want to work with the existing piece or if you’re going to paint over the furniture. If the existing piece is worth painting, then all you’ll have to do is clean the piece.

So make a decision!

Paint Remover

You should use this technique if the furniture has been repainted multiple times. Start by purchasing protective gear and using a paint stripper. Then, apply the paint stripper on the furniture and follow the wait time on the instructions.

stripping paint

You should use a scraper to take off the old paint. Depending on the appearance you’re trying to achieve, and how much layers the furniture has, determine how many extra layers from the paint stripper that you’ll need.

Dry Brushing

Most beginners like this technique because it requires the least amount of supplies and is simple to do. To do it correctly, use a dry brush and slowly go through the surface. Make sure to have some extra paper towels to remove the excess paint when needed.


removing paint with sandpaper

As its name suggests, this technique requires a lot of sanding in order to get the distressed look. You can use a hand sander, sandpaper block, or sandpaper, depending on how you want the distressed furniture piece to appear. To give an authentic look, sand certain areas that would have shown wear over time (i.e. edges, near handles, etc.).

Milk Paint

This technique uses paint in a powdered form, and you add water to make a distressed look. This paint can create dramatic results depending on the techniques that you use.

Glaze/Antiquing Wax

If you want to add age to your furniture, just add glaze or antiquing wax. This is a fast technique that works quickly. To do it, allow the product to go on the painting and then remove most of it, with only one piece of color left. As a result, the paint will look like its naturally wearing.

How Can I Distress Painted Furniture?

Follow these steps to ensure that your painted furniture gets the distressed look.

  1. Clean the furniture piece.
  2. With fine sand paper or 0000 steel wool, start by smoothing out any rough patches where the paint began stripping away.
  3. Don’t worry about dings and dents. You’ll want them on your furniture.
  4. Select a spray paint color that you want to color over the exterior. For instance, when you paint the exterior of a furniture piece, don’t allow any paint to reach the inside of the drawer (it will ruin the final result).
  5. Once the piece is dried and painted, use a rubber mallet to rough up the furniture piece.
  6. Sand the sharp edges and the corners to give a worn appearance.

If you’re going to use spray paint, make sure that it’s a weekend project. Don’t paint the piece in one day. To do it correctly, lightly spray the surface that you’re attempting to paint. After that, let it dry off for a few hours. Once it’s dry, reapply the spray paint until the surface is coated and smooth.

Additional Tips

  • Don’t brush or spray paint furniture that’s not completely dry. This will lead to the paint peeling off and blistering.
  • Don’t paint in the hot sun or when its damp or humid outside. Painting in the morning can be disastrous if you’re painting outdoors.
  • Spray painting will lead to a good finish if you’re patient. Painting too fast will lead to more runs than necessary and lead to you taking more time to complete the project.
  • If you’re going to paint by the brush, use a small bristle brush. Don’t pick the cheap brush; it’s better to go for quality in this project. Take some time to practice before applying the paint on the furniture. It will take a couple tries to get it right, but you’ll get the hang of it after a few tries.


If you want to know how to distress furniture all it takes is the right tools, patience, and a bit of technique. Don’t waste your time by going too fast or using too much paint at once. Ultimately, you’ll have a nice piece of distressed furniture in your home once you take the right precautions and techniques to do so.

Tapestries 101: How to Hang a Tapestry On Your Wall

Tapestries 101: How to Hang a Tapestry On Your Wall

The tapestry is one of the most popular in-home decorations. Why? Because its inexpensive and can has multiple ways to be placed in your home. Fortunately, we’ve created this guide to help tapestry newbies find out how to add their favorite piece on the wall.

So are you ready? Let’s start!

Preparation Stage

Before you start placing your tapestry on the wall, you’re going to have to prepare it first. Doing so will ensure that it will remain placed on the wall and in good condition. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Iron Your Tapestry

When you first receive your tapestry, it will appear folded up. While most people tend to hang it up as is, we’re going to warn you not to take this mistake. Instead, iron your.

TIP: You might have to increase the temperature of your iron and use steam to remove the folds. But it’s better to test it by using a corner the tapestry first.

Consider Wall Studs

Use a wall stud finder to search for the best place to hang your tapestry. Alternatively, you can get wall anchors if you plan on drilling on masonry or drywalls.

Sawtooth Picture Hangers

A good wall tapestry will need some support to help it stay on the wall. That’s why we suggest that you keep a pair of sawtooth picture hangers to help your tapestry stay in the right place.

Ways to Hang a Tapestry

There is a myriad of ways that you can use to place your tapestry on the wall. And most of these techniques are simple for even the most basic DIYer. Here are a few ways on how to hang a tapestry:

Use a Rod

Use a rod to hang your tapestries that have pockets in the back. If you have a large or rectangular piece, you can place it over the headboard to create a stunning sofa display or drape it over the road to make a faux headboard.


Thicker tapestries and textiles will need more support. Using a baseboard will help secure it to the wall. Choose a board that will fit behind the tapestry in the rod pocket. If your tapestry doesn’t have a pocket, you can sew one in using a heavy fabric.

Then, cut the board so that its smaller than the entire width of the tapestry. Place a mark where you’ll place the screws in and start to drill holes in that location. Place the board into the pocket. After that, fold the tapestry sides back and use the screws to place the board on the wall.

We suggest that you use the baseboard technique as it provides the most security. Not only does it give your tapestry a strong foundation, but it will keep it attached to the wall and has a low chance of falling off.


  • Start by measuring the length of the tapestry. Then, drill the screws in the wall at your preferred distance.
  • Next, measure and cut slits on the tapestry. Also, you need to cut the slits large enough to ensure that the rope will fit through. If you have thinner rope, then use short slits. For thick rope, make it longer.
  • Cut the rope until you’ve reached your desired length. And make sure to have a bit of extra space on each side, to give you enough space where you can tie a double knot.
  • Place the rope between the tapestry slits. When doing this step, take account for the amount that you have left for each side. Doing so will help the tapestry stay even on both sides.
  • Tie more rope on the large screw on the wall. We suggest that you do this for both sides. On most occasions, a double knot will get the job done. Make sure that the screw head is large enough, so the knot doesn’t accidentally slip off. Now you have a very interesting rustic hanging in your room.


To conclude, we believe that knowing how to hang a tapestry is a great way to add beauty to your home. By following these steps, you’ll be able to have your favorite tapestry placed on your walls evenly and without too much hassle. Ultimately, grab your favorite tapestry, and a few key supplies (i.e., screws, board, etc) and start working!


Choosing The Right Seat For Home And For Office

Choosing The Right Seat For Home And For Office

Choosing the right furniture for your home and your office can be difficult without the right advice, which is why we are prepared to share some of the much-coveted secrets in our business and make it possible for you to choose the right seat no matter where you find yourself at the moment.

Choosing According To Comfort

Whether you need comfort or something else, it will often dictate what kind of seat furniture and arrangement you will make. Mobile mogo seat is perfect for a home office, but it could also work perfectly well in a sitting room, but you, of course, need to work it in a certain kind of style.


Thinking of the comfort is the most important thing you can do for yourself ultimately because the comfort is what it is all about. If you first choose according to comfort you will never make a wrong decision because all other things about a furniture piece could potentially change, while the comfort it offers is often what makes a certain furniture piece the way it is.

Choosing According To Style

After you have found a seat that is comfortable, take some time and rethink whether it is in a certain style that will go well with the other things you have in your home or office. It can be difficult to make certain styles work together, but often you will make even an eclectic style work if you coordinate colors and designs.


If you choose just according to the style, you will often make the wrong decision. That is why you will need to take time and go through these steps of choosing. Therefore, style only should not be your main concern, because there will also be other furniture pieces that will tie the room together.

Choosing According To Price

If it is expensive, it must be good, right? Well, actually, no. Even though many people would expect to get their money’s worth, sometimes it can be more than difficult to do so. That is why you will need to think of comfort and style long before you start choosing according to the price.

If a furniture piece works well for your home or your office, if it is comfortable and you find it excellent, do not even look at the price, that is, if you can afford it.

Best Advice For Choosing Best Home Furniture

Best Advice For Choosing Best Home Furniture

Choosing your home furniture can sometimes be a nightmare, but with our help, it will become the easiest thing you can ever imagine doing. If you are looking for professional help, you can also always use our services, but even without them, with just these tips you will improve your chances of choosing the best home furniture.

Which Room Are You Refurnishing?

The room that is being refurnished is the most important thing that you need to think about. The focal standing seat is one of the often used ideas in refurnishing a home, but only because it allows you to improve your normal day to day activities.


This means that your furniture should work for you and improve your life. That too is possible; you need to think about this a bit. The room which is being refurnished is the one that needs the most attention at the moment, but also make sure that the furniture you use is functional in such a way that it could also work in other rooms. Making the room functional and making it work is ultimately all you need to think about.

Is It Comfy?

The comfort side is one of the most important things you need to think about when choosing furniture. Often, you can find the furniture piece you like in a different color and make of different materials, but you cannot change the softness of a mattress or the height of a table. This is something you need to carefully reconsider so that you will be able to function normally.


Especially if a table is being used for eating or work, it should provide a certain level of comfort, as must all the chairs and armchairs. The feeling that you get from relaxing in your home cannot be replaced with anything else, so investing time into making the right choice is often the best thing you can do for yourself.

And The Price

Thinking about the price beforehand is not something you should worry too much about, however, having a budget is advisable and recommendable. If you want to stick to your budget that is okay too, but as a company that does this for a living, we will tell you that getting the furniture that works is much more important than any budget.

Making rash decisions is also to be avoided though, so take your time, think about your budget and make a rational decision which furniture piece you can and want to get for your home.

4 Best Tips For Making Your Home Office Work

4 Best Tips For Making Your Home Office Work

If you are looking into making a home office, this is the article that you want to read. This article will help you understand everything you needed to know about this topic and help you make the right decisions.

  1. Give It Sufficient Room

Taking sufficient room for your home office will make it a lot more efficient than just taking minimum area. If you are stingy with space, you will often feel enclosed and trapped in your home office, and this is the feeling that you might want to avoid.


If you think regarding what kind of space is enough space, then make sure you can fit everything you need and perhaps even have enough space to make a few steps around and stretch your legs. That being said, not everyone has the same amount of space at their disposal, but if you do, it is often better not to save space but take as much as you need.

  1. Light And Options

Making your home office area work is a lot more difficult than it may seem and sometimes it is better to reconsider your options especially when it comes to light. If your home office offers insufficient natural light than maybe you could reconsider other options such as installing lamps and bulbs that will offer enough light.


Also, you should think of the area of your work and think of how much light you will need. Some professions take more light while for others it is better that you have different lighting options. Whatever it may be you should think of the light options because it will affect the furniture arrangement.

  1. Overlooking The Home Area

If you are a stay at home professional, and especially if you have a family, you might want to make your office such that you can overlook the area that is your home. This means you could also often be able to look at your kids playing or your lunch cooking, while you in fact work.

This works for some people, while others find it distracting, you need to think whether you would like this as an option before you start planning your office.

  1. Comfy, Yet Professional

Goldilocks posture workstation rightbecause it allows your home office to be at the same time comfy and professional. If you want to get that feeling make sure you plan out the furniture choice and arrangement especially carefully.



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