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Made to Move

Twist, spin, move, groove.

Focal Upright’s revolutionary line of furniture makes it easier than ever to get up and get active in the office. Our adjustable standing desk seats, standing desks, and standing-height conference tables keep your body moving so you can keep your work flowing.

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The Man Behind the Vest

Martin Keen: the founder of Focal Upright and Keen Footwear. Learn how he went from feet to seat.

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5 Hacks for Better Energy During the Holidays

5 Hacks for Better Energy During the Holidays

  Thanksgiving is over, and that means more holiday mania. If you’re already feeling lethargic, stressed, or overindulgent, read these tips to recharge:   1. Cut the Sweet Stuff December is full of overeating and processed sugar if you let it be. If your workspace typically overflows with gingerbread, eggnog, and cookies when the holidays […]

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